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    Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

    Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

    I know that Easter is not about the baskets and eggs just like Christmas isn’t about the presents but the Easter basket tradition is one I truly love and enjoy for my children. 

    That being said, if you are anything like me you want to fill your kid’s Easter baskets with something other than candy. For one if I’m spending money I like it to be on something that will last longer than a jelly bean and a toy or game won't rot their teeth. Ha. 

    Also, I recognize that Easter is this week so everything I am linking has two-day shipping with Amazon or to be honest can just serve as ideas for you to then head to your local store to pick up either the exact thing or something similar. 

    My kids are boys and range from age 4-8 but I would say these are not gender specific toys and could range much higher in terms of age as well. I know lots of pre-teens who would be thrilled with nerf guns. Ha. I just wanted you to know the ages I was buying for so it helped you navigate your decisions. 


      1. Recently my kids have gotten totally into nerf guns. Thanks, dude perfect. Ha. They are obsessed with trick shots and challenges. Really any nerf gun will do but these are our favorites. You can use plastic cups as targets around the house for good clean entertainment. I think this digital target is a fun addition to any nerf collection as well if you don't want to use items you already have around the house. I bought a pack of ammo as well. So we are fully stocked. 
      2. Any art supplies. These Mod paint sticks are a simple mess-free way for my kids to paint, which my youngest always wants to do. These are quick dry as well so less mess for all involved. Really any art supplies make my kids happy. Think coloring books, a new box of crayons or even those color wonder pages that don't leave any mess for little ones. 
      3. Board games! We got the boys Life junior and I’m going to be honest, I can’t wait to open this! We love games as a family and have just reached the point of all being able to play together. My four-year-old loves games too. He is great at guess who, UNO, and high ho cherry. Truly there are so many board games out there for all ages. They are a great screen-free option of entertainment. 
      4. Kinetic sand has now led to kinetic rocks. My kids love this stuff and I love that it is super easy to clean up. This will be our first time getting the rocks so I don't have a full review but if they are half as entertaining and easy to clean then I am sold. This stuff has bought me several hours of entertainment while trying to make dinner. To that end playdoh, clay or anything like these items would be just as great. I just prefer the kinetic stuff for ease of cleaning, as I have already mentioned. 
      5. Books books and more books. We finally have a reader and it’s my favorite thing watching him read! I got them the first set of the Magic Treehouse series and plan to build on it throughout the next series of holidays. My mom started finding them at thrift stores and has a pretty good collection so that is my hope as well. Y'all I had never heard of these until this year! I feel like I am way late to this party, kind of like Game of Thrones (I have never seen it), but these books are fabulous for all ages. 
      6. Magnetic shapes are hugely popular in our home right now with my youngest. Watching him brainstorm and create with them has been so cool. He can build and rearrange with them for 30 minutes straight and he always walks away so proud to show us his creations. There are lots of different brands. We have the Discovery brand that I got a few years ago on black Friday and we love them. 
      7. Shrinkables! These take me back to visiting my grandma as a little girl. I remember thinking these things were the coolest. I have now done them with the boys quite a bit and they love them. From coloring them, to watching them shrink and even playing with them after. They are a great “toy” that creates an experience you can all share together while making them. They have so many different themed sets as well as sheets of paper you can just free draw on. 

    I hope this is in some way helpful. Do you do baskets for your kiddos or even your spouse? My mom still sometimes makes up little baskets for myself, my brother and our spouses with things like movie theatre gift cards, our favorite candy, or just small gift cards to our favorite places. What would you want in an Easter basket as an adult? Maybe I will need to do a post on that next year. Ha! 

    Happy Easter and may it be filled with more than fun gifts in a basket. Hoping it is packed with family and friends around the table, lots of laughter and celebration over our risen Savior! 

    He is risen just as He said!