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    Pokemon and Dinosaur Valentine's

    Pokemon and Dinosaur Valentine's

    Do not get it twisted folks...we are far from a candy-free home but on holidays like Valentine's Day I do like to try and be a little creative and go candy free. They just get so much candy so I like to mix it up. 

    Last year we did masks and they were a HUGE hit. Different staff members at my son's school even asked if I had extras so they could take them to their kiddos. Ha. 

    Being that this holiday is all about pink, red and glitter and I am a boy mom I try to give some more gender neutral options. My boys were huge fans of these two and even gave me ideas for what to do. 

    Happy creating with your littles. These are so simple.

    Print, Cut and attach the toy. You can either use glue dots, hot glue or tie them on as well. 

    One of my kiddos picked Pokemon and I have to tell you these were too fun to make for him. He was so excited about them! Do your kids love pokemon? Mine love reading and looking at books filled with all their names, skills, and types. We have several friends with girls who love Pokemon as well so I thought this was a great choice for both boys and girls. You can find a pack of pokemon toys in various size and even toy options...erasers, pikachu pack, assorted groups.


    My youngest wanted Dinosaur Valentine's.  He loved picking which dinosaurs to put on the cards for his classmates. I ordered this pack off amazon. Super inexpensive and lots of options. Again there are several options of size and assortment. 

    Do you try to go with a candy-free option? While it is sometimes a little more work I have found it usually isn't and my kids love them!  Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see how you get your kids involved and which style they picked. 

    Again both download options are here... Pokemon and Dinosaurs.

    Happy Valentine's Day!