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    "Thanks a Latte" Free Downloadable

    "Thanks a Latte" Free Downloadable

    Hi friend! I have decided to start a new little series of posts over here. 

    This world can tend to be pretty self-focused, at least mine is. Ha. Full disclosure. In the past few months, I have been trying to get creative with ways I can care for others. For me, I ended up thinking of my kiddos' teachers. I have a deep fondness for the hard work teachers put in each day. Not only do they teach our kids but they care for their little spirits, help them build confidence and tools for life but they also deal with crazy parents and hard family situations. 


    Here in enters the little project I wanted to share with you.  Again it came from my desire to bless the teachers in my community. After I shared my idea with a few friends we decided to make a “Mom squad” for our school.  There are eight of us who are each assigned a grade or members of the administration. We rotate monthly and our only task is to take them some sort of treat the first week of the month.

    It has ranged from homemade cookies, scones, and granola to dollar spot goodie bags and gift cards. It does not have to be fancy, detailed or extravagant. Just sincere. 

    I have had so much fun the past few months already that I wanted to share with y’all some of what we were doing so you might be able to take it to your communities. 

    I had the kindergarten teachers last month and made up these simple Starbucks cups and included a gift card. You, of course, would not even need to do the cups. You could simply print and tie them around gift cards. Done and done. 


    If any of you are teachers I would love ideas for treats we could do in the future. I plan to share our future projects here so you will hopefully have several ideas leading up to the holidays that you could use. Of course, you don’t have to wait for Christmas. You can do it anytime. Random blessings are the best. Am I right?


    Here is your free download! Enjoy sharing the love! 

    Have a great week and bless someone around you.