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    New Year, Same You, Make It Your Best (or maybe just a little better)!

    New Year, Same You, Make It Your Best (or maybe just a little better)!

    2019! How is this real life?!

    I am not kidding when I say this y’all…This has been the fastest year of my life without question. I tend to be a person who packs a lot of living into a year. This year I tried so intentionally to take things off my plate. I did only one show as opposed to the five I did the previous year. I made less new products and I even took the summer off work to be with my kiddos and yet I feel like 2018 was more overwhelming than ever. How does that happen?!

    I know it is super cliché to do the whole new year, new you, goal setting thing…blah blah blah. However, that is what I am here to do. Just call me basic. Ha. Instead of a new you though, I think the reality is we are still who we are but we can work hard to be refined and better versions of the people we are. To me, there always seems to be a great deal of shame in this season. Looking at all the things we don't like about who we are and how we want to be better, while forgetting we are amazing humans with unique giftings and talents that don't have to be being skinny, eating gluten-free and saving a million dollars.

    All that aside I do really enjoy the reflection over the past year and looking forward to the new. I will say however I nearly always rush the whole process. Like I do most other events in life (I am an enneagram 7) I get excited about the process and then I push through to get to the next thing or to start the goal instead of sitting in it. This year I am choosing to sit. I am resting in the uncomfortable in-between time, where I am looking both backward and forward, and choosing not to move.

    That awkward week between Christmas and the New Year is where I am leaning into the discomfort of the unknown. I pile on the expectations and then come up with a solution so I feel like I am taking action. Since I am sitting in the weird in between I thought I would bring you along.

    I plan to gather with a few close friends in the following weeks to share all the things. Our highs and lows of the year as well as what we have learned from them. Even if you are not able to gather with someone or a group I do hope these downloads are helpful to you in getting your thoughts out in the open.

    There is one for reviewing 2018, looking forward, and picking a word, phrase or mantra for 2019.



    If you do want to gather a group of friends...KEEP IT LOW KEY! This is not to add another expectation for you. You don't have to have a Pinterest worthy centerpiece, a full catered meal, or even printed papers for that matter.

    Mine will be small! I plan to have drinks and honestly that is it at this point. I am sure everyone will be trying to be healthy so making a bunch of food that nobody will eat is a waste of time and energy.

    For me, the goal of doing this with others is simply for accountability. I want strong, passionate friends to hear my goals and speak into them. To encourage or to tell me to bring it in and quit being so extra, which let’s be honest is a real possibility, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

    We will spend time praying together, sharing about out highs and lows as well as ending the night with a fun little DIY project! I am making us all leather keychains that we will hand stamp with our words for the year!

    I think it would be fun to write your word on mugs or even do a hand-lettered framed piece. So many fun options.

    Of course, I have been praying over all my thoughts and will continue to pray over them. I deeply desire to be a person who is grounded, planned and has intention. This doesn’t come naturally for me since I am a huge extrovert with total FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), I want to dive into EVERYTHING. My husband even teased me that I would just use all my friend’s goals as soon as they shared them. Ha. He isn’t wrong. I love every idea I hear, which is why I am working ahead now to have a plan when we meet so I can share and listen and not be distracted.

    Do you have your goals set? Do you pick a word each year or is that too restricting for you?

    Regardless, Happy New Year and I do hope you look more forward to this year than any other.

    Whether your goal is to lose 30 lbs., purge your home, save money, be kind to your husband, stop yelling, or to simplify your life...I hope you reach and even exceed every goal.

    Please remember there is no shame in looking back and seeing how we can be better. There is no shame in wanting to be better. There is no shame in setting a goal. It does not mean you have failed, aren't worthy or that you aren't great at something else. Be proud of your strenghts and work hard to better them as well as your weaknesses.