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    One Shirt All the Ways!

    One Shirt All the Ways!

    Did you know that some of the world’s most influential people eliminate as many small decisions as possible? For example, what the heck to wear every morning when they bound out of bed. Well, rolled out if you are anything like me. I really want a coffee pot on my night stand. We should make that a thing. Back to the point at hand…Obama wore a gray or navy suit every day. Steve Jobs, black on black on jeans. We have all seen it. Even every day folks like you and me worldwide have bought into the whole idea of a daily uniform. I’m all for uniforms if you ask me. Ha. I mean not having to figure out what my kiddos are wearing everyday would be a dream. 

    I love my shirts for lots of reason but their ease and diversity is the biggest reason. They go with anything and for any occasion. Stay at home mom busy running errands? No problem.
    Headed to the office for meetings? I have you covered. Literally.

    Going to the gym after a full day? You will look great doing it.

    Everyone loves to make their lives as easy as possible. Well, at least I do. Remember my night stand coffee pot idea… as silly as it sounds a good graphic t-shirt can do just that. It never fails that every morning I go and stand in my closet filled with clothes and after a few moments I reach for a graphic tee that I feel good in but also reminds me of important biblical truths.

    My goal in the next year is to print all of my shirts using ethically made and sustainable brands so that not only are you buying a product that is screen printed with a biblical truth but also reinforces those beliefs through the ethical employment of those who make the shirts.

    I will go ahead and answer these questions now because inevitably I will get them.

    The shirts do not shrink. I wash mine on cold and it has held up for more washes than I can begin to count.

    They are screen-printed, not vinyl so they will not need to be washed or ironed in a specific way to maintain the design.

    I do not hand paint each shirt. I have my design digitized and that is what they use to screen print.

    I would love to see you style any and all of the designs your way. Tag me on Instagram @mrsabbychic.